How McDonalds plans to fix environmental problems

The restaurant chain is taking steps to address the environmental impact of its supply chain, which is plagued by pollution from food and beverage products and its waste disposal system, which has not been cleaned since it was built.

McDonalds is taking an initial step to tackle the issue, saying it will clean its waste-disposal system and increase recycling.

The company is also introducing a new recycling service, McDonalds Waste, which will help it reduce its environmental impact.

It is also investing €1.5bn ($1.9bn) in new waste management technology.

McD’s Waste is the first of a number of initiatives that the fast-food chain is going to undertake to improve its environmental footprint.

Its efforts to improve sustainability will include a plan to replace all of its restaurant waste with biodegradable packaging and a plan for an electric car battery bank to reduce its carbon footprint.