Which companies are getting the most press?

Posted August 06, 2018 12:21:28 In terms of news in the space, the company that’s in the headlines more often than not is Alibaba, the online retailer that’s been called “the Amazon of China.”

With Alibaba, you can buy products and services from over 120 countries, and it offers everything from cloud computing and online banking to ecommerce and travel.

But, as it turns out, Alibaba’s not the only one getting the attention of the press.

Here are the companies that we think deserve some attention as well.1.










Google Fiber.com11.

Google X.com12.

eBay, Inc.13.

Amazon Prime.com14.



Airbnb, Inc..17.

Microsoft Azure, Inc., and Microsoft Cloud.com18.

Google’s Bing.com19.

Facebook News Feed.com20.

Twitter News Feed21.

Instagram News Feed22.

Amazon’s YouTube.com23.

Pinterest News Feed24.


Google Search News Feed26.

Spotify News Feed27.

Pinterest YouTube Feed28.

Google+ News Feed29.

Google Home.com30.

Microsoft Band.com31.

Apple Music.com32.

Apple TV.com33.

Google Play Music.tv34.



Microsoft Surface.com37.

Amazon Alexa.com38.

Google Hangouts.com39.

Google Talk.com40.

Apple Pay.com41.

Apple Watch.com42.


Pandora Prime.tv44.


Amazon Studios.com46.

Apple Video.com47.

Google Video.tv48.

Google Cloud.tv49.

Apple Books.com50.

Netflix for Mac.com51.

Amazon Music.fm52.

Netflix on iOS.com53.

Amazon Fire TV.tv54.

Google Drive.com55.

Google Photos.com56.

Netflix Go.com57.

Spotify on Android.com58.

Amazon Video on iOS and Apple TV59.

Amazon Kindle.com60.

Amazon Echo.com61.

Amazon S3.com62.

Apple Podcasts.com63.

Amazon Go.tv64.

Google Music.net65.

YouTube Go.net66.

Google Videos.tv67.

Amazon Search.tv68.

Apple Photos.tv69.

Amazon HomeKit.tv70.

YouTube HomeKit, Amazon Music, and Apple Music Go.talks69.

Google Voice.tv71.

YouTube Videos.com72.

Google Keyboard.tv73.

YouTube Play Music and YouTube GoTalkTalkTalk.com74.

Google Translate.com75.

Google Maps.com76.

Google Assistant.com77.

Google Chromecast.com78.

Google Pixel.tv79.

Google Air.tv80.

Google Cardboard.tv81.

YouTube Video.org82.

YouTube Music.TV83.

YouTube Channels.tv84.

Google News.tv85.

YouTube Game.tv86.

Google Chat.tv87.

YouTube Cloud.TV88.

YouTube Movies.tv89.

YouTube Games.tv90.

YouTube Travel.tv91.

YouTube App.tv92.

YouTube Radio.tv93.

YouTube TV.TV94.

YouTube News.TV95.

YouTube Web.tv96.

YouTube Stocks.tv97.

YouTube Books.tv98.

YouTube Gaming.tv99.

YouTube Shopping.tv100.

YouTube Apps.tv101.

YouTube Food.tv102.

YouTube Tech.tv103.

YouTube Fitness.tv104.

YouTube Entertainment.tv105.

YouTube Weather.tv106.

YouTube Health.tv107.

YouTube Money.tv108.

YouTube Finance.tv109.

YouTube Sports.tv110.

YouTube Events.tv111.

YouTube Social.tv112.

YouTube Pets.tv113.

YouTube Pet Care.tv114.

YouTube Business.tv115.

YouTube Family.tv116.

YouTube Cosmetics.tv117.

YouTube Toys.tv118.

YouTube Kids.tv119.

YouTube Arts.tv120.

YouTube Cooking.tv121.

YouTube Beauty.tv122.

YouTube Fashion.tv123.

YouTube Electronics.tv124.

YouTube Technology.tv125.

YouTube Transportation.tv126.

YouTube Art.tv127.

YouTube Design.tv128.

YouTube Craft.tv129.

YouTube Photography.tv130.

YouTube Politics.tv131.

YouTube Science.tv132.

YouTube Entrepreneurs.tv133.

YouTube People.tv134.

YouTube Community.tv135.

YouTube Creatives.tv136.

YouTube Freelance.tv137.

YouTube Mentors.tv138.

YouTube Learning.tv139.

YouTube Media.tv140.

YouTube Marketing.tv141