NFL players protest in protest over climate change

Players on the NFL’s All-Pro and Pro Bowl teams have joined forces in a protest over the effects of climate change, taking a major step toward enacting climate change protections for players and other employees.

The players union said Tuesday that it will introduce a resolution in the coming days urging NFL owners to “reconsider the impact of climate disruption on our players and employees and to invest in mitigation strategies for the environment.”

The resolution calls on owners to establish a “carbon-neutral revenue stream” for player salaries, which will help cover the costs of the league’s climate-related efforts.

The resolution will likely be adopted at the league meetings, but the timing is unclear.

The NFLPA is working with the NFL Players Association on the resolution.

In addition to a resolution on climate change and other workplace issues, the players union also plans to ask the NFL to implement a moratorium on the sale of fossil fuels and to “ensure that all teams are required to adopt a zero-emissions football practice and standard practice by 2025.”

The players are hoping that their message will be heard by owners who have said they have no intention of taking action.NFL players protest at NFL owners meetings in March.

The union says its goal is to get the league to take action on climate issues.

The Players’ Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The NFLPA said Tuesday it expects the resolution to be passed at the union’s meeting in mid-March.

The league had no immediate comment.

A resolution is expected to include the players’ demands for a $20 per week wage for each NFL player, a requirement that would prevent players from being paid less than $100,000 a year.

The league’s first labor agreement in 25 years came in 2010, with a pay increase for players of at least $50,000, but that deal expired in December.

The players are now demanding a new deal.

The owners are expected to adopt the resolution during the meeting on March 15.