How to tell if your local park is safe for your dog

If you’re planning on visiting Norway this summer, be aware of the new rules regarding dogs in parks and beaches.

The government announced in May that it would ban the possession of dogs in public spaces and beaches, as well as at swimming pools and playgrounds.

The rules will apply to the country’s parks and public beaches as well, but not beaches.

Norway is one of the world’s largest exporters of dogs, and the government said the change would reduce dog-related conflicts, such as those involving people or animals.

“If a dog is on a leash, it must stay in a leash,” the government wrote in its press release.

“When a dog’s owner doesn’t allow it to play, it cannot roam freely.

It must be tethered to a person or a group of people and it cannot run at large distances.”

This is good news for dog owners, because it means they won’t be responsible for the consequences of their dogs getting into a bad situation.

It also means people will be able to play in Norwegian parks without worrying about their pets being attacked or run over.

The Norwegian government also issued a warning that there were many different types of dogs that could be dangerous to your dog.

In addition, it said that owners could expect to pay a fine of $30 for each violation.

This is a great time to bring your dog out for a walk.

There’s no limit to the number of dogs allowed in your area, and you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt.

This will also give you time to enjoy the country with your family.