When are the environmental protection statistics?

The environment protection statistics have been published every year since 1997.

The latest statistics are published on a quarterly basis and are calculated by comparing the number of cases of disease and mortality for each year, the number and severity of deaths, and the number by which the number falls below 50% of the maximum level of risk for that year.

The last three quarters are used to calculate the annual average rate of disease per 100,000 people, which is used in this article to assess how bad the situation is.

The statistics also tell us what we know about how far Australia’s population is likely to fall, because we can see how many people live in areas with a very high incidence of diseases such as coronavirus, and in some cases, death.

In some cases the data show the rate of decline is faster than the rate in areas where there are no diseases.

The data are available to the public for free and the data can be downloaded in Excel format.

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