How to win an award for being green in 2018

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering an award that could boost awareness of greening in the United States.

The Environmental Protection Association of America (EPAA) has proposed a new award for environmental protection and conservation, The American Environmentalist reported.

The award, proposed by the EPAA, would reward an organization or person for having a positive impact on the environment and a positive public image.

The EPAA is currently accepting nominations for the award.

The organization said the nomination process will continue through June 1.

The awards will be announced at a news conference in Washington, D.C., on June 8.

The organization said that in addition to its awards for environmental and conservation action, it is also seeking nominations for its Green Award.

Green Award nominations are given to organizations that have a positive environmental impact and the appearance of leadership, the EPA said in a news release.

The award would recognize those who have a significant impact on a green issue.

The association said that the Green Award was established to give recognition to the organization that has made the greatest impact on environmental issues through its advocacy and actions.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Administration is the nation’s lead agency for regulating greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants.

The EPA is the primary agency for addressing greenhouse gas emissions, and it regulates air pollution, water quality and air pollution control.