‘Mongol’ killed in Bali beach brawl: report

By Gopal Subramanian, Reuters| November 28, 2018 07:57:16A Bali man was killed and two other men wounded when they were attacked by a mob on Sunday while camping in the town of Kohala, authorities said.

The incident happened on Sunday when locals gathered at a popular beach to celebrate the end of a year-long drought and festival, said Rangarajan Rambhuti, chief of police in Kohala.

A man died at the scene and the second man was injured, he said.

He said the two men were identified as M.K. Ramakrishnan and M.P.N. Sankar.

Sankar, 30, was arrested after a few hours, RambHuti said.

He had been on the run since he was arrested on January 11.

RambHutoi said the suspect was a foreigner, who was identified as Rajan, from India.

He was in custody for six months.

Authorities have launched a massive search for Ramakris to find his wife and children, but have yet to find any trace of them.

The Kohala area has become a hotspot for crime in recent years, particularly in the past two years, with several high-profile incidents including the killing of two men and wounding of a woman.

The region is also home to a major tourism industry, which generates $40 billion in annual income.

Last year, about 60,000 tourists visited Kohala and its surrounding areas, with tourists spending $6 billion in the area, according to the government’s tourism department.