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By Emily Rogers, Techcrunch contributorSeptember 16, 2018Tech firms are on a path to the biggest data breaches in history.

And in a major setback for the US government, the Department of Homeland Security says the biggest threat comes from cybercriminals and not malicious hackers.

The DHS released its annual cybersecurity threat assessment this week, which showed that the country has seen an uptick in cyberattacks on the government and its citizens in recent years.

More than 500,000 cyberattacks are reported annually, according to DHS.

And this year, the agency said the biggest attacks were from China, Russia, and North Korea.

The most recent major breach took place in May, when hackers stole government data from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The government said that hackers stole passwords and other personal information of more than 1.5 million current and former government employees.

The OPM said it will work with Congress to improve cybersecurity and make it easier for people to get their personal data back.

The government has also faced some criticism over its handling of the 2016 data breach.

DHS said it failed to fully investigate the breach before it was revealed to the public.

And it blamed the failure on a lack of transparency.

The agency also criticized the OPM for not adequately addressing cybersecurity issues when it was hacked, and said it was “not aware” of other breaches at the agency.

The new report comes as lawmakers continue to wrestle with the cybersecurity crisis, and as the tech industry faces a growing list of cybersecurity issues.

The DHS is facing criticism for not including cybersecurity issues in its assessments.

The report noted that the OSP was “a key target of the breach,” and said the data was “stolen in a malicious manner” and that “the breach exposed personal information on the OMP’s network to unauthorized third parties.”

It said that “federal employees were the victims of these data breaches and may have been at risk.”

The DHS report also noted that DHS has a “special emphasis on data integrity” in its cyber defense efforts.

But it said the agency has a responsibility to “provide a framework to assist states and local governments in the development and implementation of cybersecurity programs.”

The report warned that the cybersecurity threats are increasing.

DHS warned that more attacks and more data breaches are likely.