Mcdonalds is trying to make a dent in climate change

The fast food chain is launching a campaign aimed at getting its environmental footprint down.

The fast-food giant announced Thursday it is partnering with the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) to conduct an in-depth environmental review of its operations in Canada.

The study will look at the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, its food-safety and workplace standards and how it can make better choices with its supply chain.

In the meantime, McDonalds says it will be making a “significant investment” in climate-friendly practices at its restaurants.

The environmental group says it is seeking to assess how McDonalds is handling its greenhouse gas footprint at its Canadian facilities.

McDonalds says in a statement that it will make a “minimal impact” on its food supply chain through its use of sustainable, local, and renewable energy sources.

The company said that in its first year of operations, it has already reduced its emissions by 30 percent and that it has “completed a comprehensive review of the entire supply chain” and will begin to implement its new standards for food safety and working conditions.

The group is calling on McDonalds to follow the same principles for its other supply chain activities.