Which of the Aussie Rules Rules players are you most proud of?

Posted by Fox Sports on Monday, March 08, 2018 12:26:03The Aussie rules team is no stranger to controversy.

On the field, a number of controversial incidents have occurred.

But it is arguably the most controversial one in recent history, with the Kangaroos playing a game of chicken with their players after a player fell on the ground and had to be taken to hospital.

In November 2016, former Aussie Sevens player Daniel Talia, who is currently an assistant coach with the Sydney Swans, was banned for life by the Rugby League International Anti-Doping Authority (RLIAAD).

The Kangarooes suspended Talia from the squad for a year.

But in May 2018, a Kangaroose, Mitchell Aubusson, was also banned for a month by the RLIAAD after testing positive for amphetamine-based stimulants in a pre-season training camp.

Aubusson said he was “sorry” for his actions and said the club would not allow the matter to impact the national team.

“I have apologised and I take full responsibility for what happened,” he said.

“My actions were not a reflection of the Kangaroo Club or the Kangaros and my actions were done in a professional manner and with respect for my teammates and the rest of the team.”

In March, Queensland Rugby League announced it was investigating allegations the Kangos were using drugs during a pregame training session.

The Queensland Rugby Union (QRLU) said it had “received a number” of complaints about drug use during the game.”QRL has received a number, but has not yet received any specific information from the QRLU,” it said in a statement.

“We will be conducting a full review of the incident and we will be able to respond when and if appropriate.”

Aubuson said the Kangoa were “disappointed” with the decision.

“The Kangaroo team has never been involved in drug abuse,” he told Channel Seven.

“They have never taken drugs from any player, team or manager and have never been known to use drugs during any game.”

A spokesperson for the NRL said it was not commenting on the matter.

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