The Global Environmental Protection Authority’s Guidelines for Biodiversity Conservation in Brazil

The Global Environment Protection Authority has issued a new set of guidelines for the conservation of biodiversity in Brazil, including its conservation of endangered and threatened species.

This new document will help countries better protect biodiversity and will encourage international cooperation.

The guidelines provide specific guidelines on how to conserve biodiversity, including how to identify and manage threatened species and help protect them. 

In addition, the guidelines outline the protection of biological diversity in the context of a number of issues including environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

The guidelines provide guidelines for countries to: – protect protected areas, such as the Amazon, in which they are located or are located; and – maintain and enhance protected areas;- manage biodiversity in protected areas and improve biodiversity preservation and conservation;- protect biodiversity in degraded areas, including wetlands, arid landscapes and other areas where there is a risk of damage to ecosystem services;- establish and maintain monitoring systems to detect and report on threats to biodiversity;- provide information to improve biodiversity conservation and management in protected and degraded areas; – develop and enforce appropriate laws and regulations to protect biodiversity, particularly for species with a high ecological value; and- protect the environment and its resources from harmful impacts of human activities.