How to find your next football job

Enlarge/ The Argentine coach Alberto Salazar has turned to a new method to find his next job.

Alberto Salazar, left, and coach Alberto Paloschi, center, pose with the Argentinian national team.

Reuters/Sergio Perez Enlarge / Argentine coach, Alberto Salazer, has turned the new-found success of the national team to recruiting talent for his country. 

In an interview with La Nacion, Salazar, a former goalkeeper for the national teams, said he decided to make the move after the team was “failing badly” on the pitch.

“I started thinking about it after the national soccer team, which has been very weak, is in the same position it was before,” Salazar said. 

“It’s not a bad idea to go to the next level and try to get a new coach.” 

Salazar, who won three World Cups and three Olympic gold medals with the national side, was hired as the new coach of Argentina’s youth team last summer.

He is now looking to recruit new talent for the squad. 

After the recent FIFA/Netherlands U-17 World Cup, which saw Argentina lose all four matches, the Argentine coach said he had started to think about “new ways to reach out to youth soccer fans”.

“I’ve been doing this for a while, and I think it’s a good thing,” he said.

The Argentine coach is not alone in his desire to recruit young players. “

You need to be a good person to be successful in the world of football, and to get things done.” 

The Argentine coach is not alone in his desire to recruit young players. 

Several of the country’s top players, including the national squad’s most famous stars, are under the age of 35. 

Many have had their careers derailed by injuries, and are struggling to find regular playing time in Argentina. 

Argentina’s youth national team has only reached the World Cup semi-finals once in the last five years. 

For Salazar and the Argentine youth national side’s next coach, recruitment is the number one priority. 

But there is a risk that this may not be enough to fill the gap in the team’s playing depth. 

Salzas approach has been criticised for being too similar to that of his former employers. 

A few of the Argentina players, most notably the Argentines most famous star, Messi, have been called out for their lack of playing time. 

However, Argentina are one of the world’s most successful teams in terms of global revenue. 

The Argentinian coach has made a point of focusing on improving the squad’s youth system, and has also made his name recruiting high-profile players from Europe and the US. 

Last year, he brought in US star striker Clint Dempsey to be his first signing. 

His next target is the likes of Manchester United star David de Gea, who has played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid. 

Former England striker Danny Welbeck, meanwhile, has been linked with a move to the English Premier League. 

And in a move that has some questioning the Argentine’s ability to attract top players from around the world, Salazas decision to make a move for Messi could backfire. 

According to the Argentine Football Federation, Messi has already paid £32 million ($48 million) to sign for Barcelona. 

Despite his popularity among the countrys youth population, the Catalan club is reportedly struggling financially and is in a financial crisis. 

This, along with the fact that the Argentina national team have only reached World Cup quarter-finals twice in the past five years, has prompted Salazar to make drastic changes to the team. 

He is also considering bringing in a number of high-level players from Spain. 

 Arsene Wenger, who was the Argentinians manager during the World War II, once said that he could make a decision “within the week” on signing his players.

“That’s the way things are,” Salzas said.

“If we do something wrong, I have to do it in the moment.

I’m not a perfectionist.

It’s not only the players. “

But we’re always trying to make sure the team is strong.

It’s not only the players.

If there are mistakes we need to correct, we need a coach to change things.” 

This week, the Argentinas top goal scorer, Lionel Messi, was asked about his future plans after being linked with an exit from the country.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“It’s a matter of time.

There are many things I want to do in life, and if I want a future I’ll decide.” 

And as the Argentinos top scorer, Messi is just the latest in a long