How to make the case for green jobs

I had a couple of friends in high school who were in a band called The Front Bottoms.

They had this song on their album called “It’s Your Body.”

We were like, “What’s that about?”

It’s the most depressing thing ever.

But the song itself is so simple and straightforward.

You know, it’s the word “life,” and you can hear the audience’s response.

And that’s what the song is about.

And there’s no bullshit about it.

You just want to know that you can be happy in your life.

I think it’s an amazing thing that the music industry could be so thoughtful about its audience.

We’ve all heard songs like “Bathtub Gin,” “Wanna Be Loved,” “It Ain’t Me, Babe,” “Cocaine Blues,” and “I Can’t Wait.”

But it’s so rare to see a pop song about being happy.

I’ve had friends in the industry tell me that their favorite song on the charts is the song that’s not a pop one.

But if it’s a song that they listen to as a rock song, it makes them feel good.

That’s the ultimate goal of the music business.

And I think that music is the ultimate medium to convey that message.

I like the way the music community is taking on this problem of pollution and pollution denial.

That can be scary to some, but it’s not scary to me.

I’m excited about the next phase of my career.