How to use a mobile app to manage your environmental protection organisation

Posted October 07, 2018 07:19:18 It’s not always easy to navigate a Greenpeace environmental protection slidesheet, but we’ve found a quick and simple way to manage it with the help of an app.

The app, called  EcoWatch , is designed to give users access to information about Greenpeace’s work in the area of environmental protection.

In the app, users can browse through Greenpeace’s online materials, download and review environmental reports and report cards and use the app to find information and resources that will help them with their environmental protection work.

We’ve written about the app before, and it’s now available for download on Android and iOS platforms. 

The app lets users download a PDF of the Greenpeace environmental report card (EUROCOM) which can then be edited by the user to display relevant information, including links to more detailed reports.

The EcoWatch app is free and available to download for both Android and iPhone.

Greenpeace India and Greenpeace International have also released a similar app, EcoWatch I, which allows users to review Greenpeace’s reports and report cards and view Greenpeace’s environment-related media in their own language.

Greenpeace International also has a Greenpeace Environmental Protection Watch app available for Android and iOS.

Greenpeace India’s Environmental Protection Watch app allows users to view the reports and reportcards that Greenpeace India is currently reviewing and share them on Twitter and Facebook. 

We have been in touch with Greenpeace India, Greenpeace International, and Greenpeace India’s environmental protection department to learn more about EcoWatch.