How to help pay for environmental protection in Queensland

The Queensland Government has released an environmental policy statement which it says aims to protect the environment, reduce emissions and improve the state’s economy.

Key points:The state has promised to spend $1.1 billion over 10 years to improve public health, provide clean water, reduce carbon emissions and create jobsIn a document titled “The Vision for the State” released by Environment Minister Steven Miles, he outlined a vision for the state which includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health and creating jobs.

The document also sets out a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring the state is not left behind by other states.

“The Vision of the State is an ambitious vision for Queensland to be a leading state in clean energy, environmental protection and innovation,” Mr Miles said.

“We believe the future of Queensland is to be the best and safest place to live and work in the world.”

Mr Miles said Queensland was also a major exporter of clean water and clean air.

“Our rivers and rivers and oceans provide clean drinking water for millions of Queenslanders, which is a vital water resource for the economy and our economy,” he said.

He also said the State would be a leader in carbon capture and storage technology, which would be developed at Queensland University of Technology, to reduce emissions.

“As Queensland continues to lead in innovation, we will have a leading role in addressing climate change,” he added.

The Premier has promised a $1 billion investment over 10 months to improve Queensland’s environment, improve public safety and create thousands of jobs.

Mr Miles outlined a range of programs which would help achieve the vision, including an ambitious new $300 million investment in public health.

He said the Government would invest $1 million in a pilot program that would help provide clean, safe drinking water to communities in Queensland’s inner west.

“This will help reduce carbon pollution, increase clean water availability, improve drinking water quality, reduce greenhouse gas and ozone emissions, and support jobs,” Mr Milton said.

The $300m investment will help provide drinking water and access to clean, healthy drinking water services to approximately 200,000 Queenslanders.

The State Government has also committed $300,000 towards the creation of new clean water projects in Queensland, including in the Inner West, the Northern Rivers region and other parts of the state.

The Government has promised an additional $1m over five years to fund the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants to help reduce the use of fertilisers, pesticides and other industrial pollutants in the state and reduce greenhouse gases.

Mr Milton said the state would also provide a $500,000 grant to help Queensland residents with chronic health conditions pay for the cost of air and water pollution.

“In 2017-18, Queensland will spend more than $1 trillion on clean water infrastructure,” he told reporters.

“Over that period, we are spending more than a billion dollars on water infrastructure and we are investing more than 1.4 billion dollars into clean water.”

He said Queenslanders had to be mindful of their health and environment and there was an urgent need to build up clean water supplies.

“I want to be clear this isn’t a blank check, this isn